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I help women tired of the extra pounds...

1.) Stop stuffing their faces, so they lose that stubborn binge-eating weight once and for all.

2.) Find the beautiful, valuable, worthy woman inside, so they stop that negative self-talk that eats away at their confidence and self-esteem.

3.) Change their mindset from worrisome and pitiful to decisive and confident, so they take action and achieve their relationship and health goals.

4.) Reconnect and engage with others, so they build a strengthened community and maintain healthy relationships that will support and embrace them.

5.) Create a productive, realistic, and actionable plan, so they reclaim or create the happiness they want and stop giving power over to others.

Does this sound familiar?

  • "Girl, you have such a beautiful face."
  • "You're such a perfectionist. I wish I could be as Type A as you."
  • "You have an awesome job and life.  I'm so jealous!"
  • "You're a woman that can do anything you put your mind into." 
  • "You have the house, car, and everything else.  What more could you possibly want?" 
  • "You are always smiling.  Do you ever have a bad day?" 

These are amazing compliments for many...but the people who say this don't realize that you don't feel so perfect. 

What you want most is to lose the weight and have the life of your dreams!

Together We Will:

  • Dive deep into your current mindset, behaviors, and goals and how to move forward, so you can attend that concert, art show, or high school reunion with ease, feel comfortable reconnecting with friends, and go on those dates!
  • Define your happiness and steps needed to reach it, so you finally stop procrastinating or worrying and start taking action!
  • Identify the self-sabotaging behaviors that you have created, and replace them with positive, creative activities, so you are prepared to tackle future moments of panic with ease and no frustration.
  • Monitor and adjust your goals, so you grow in confidence and self-esteem and obtain your dreamy relationships, career, and success.
  • Celebrate your successes (and yes, you will have more than one), so you can acknowledge the positives that others see in you for years and stop the negative self-talk in your own head. 

What's the Facebook Group About?

Well, it's quite simple. Want a community where you can do any or all of the following:

  • Share about your frustrations with dieting, weight gains, stalls, and being told to exercise more? 
  • Learn tips and activities that can help motivate your weight loss and improve your confidence?
  • Have access to someone that has lost over 150 pounds in less than two years for guidance and confidence boosting?
  • Make some new friends and surround yourself with amazing, supportive women that build up and not tear down.  

So, if those sound good then smash the golden button above and join now!