Welcome sister from another mister!


If you’re here, you wanna know who the hell I am and why you should listen to me. Well besides my success at losing weight and being an awesome crafter, I am the sister and best friend you wish you knew forever!

I help overweight women that, like you, work excessively to avoid most social events, return home feeling lonely most of the time, and expect defeat before even starting on any dream or goal they have.

Hi! My name is Cynthia Younger, and I’m a Wellness Coach that lost over 150 lbs and have kept it off for more than two years. Wanna know how? Truly, it was getting my head right and learning that weight loss was more than just a new fad diet or more exercise.

I felt that same exhaustion, cried those frustrated tears, and procrastinated on improving my health and wellness too. The difference is that I learned how to control all of it once and for all.

So, wanna learn how to lose weight without feeling the suffering of a new diet plan? Tired all the time and trying to understand why you dream big but can’t seem to follow through? Well, guess what?! I can help you do that. And it’s as simple as booking a wellness coaching consultation right now!