How Rachel Hollis's Best Seller Continues to Motivate Weight Loss

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I just finished reading a great book, that I honestly didn't think I would like at first. I won't ruin it by telling you every single detail (it's not my style to be a spoiler).  I will say this though...

My initial thoughts are not because I don't love Rachel Hollis, because I totally do.  It's just that unlike the amazing Mrs. Hollis (the amazing lady behind the best-selling Girl, Wash Your Face), I'm a self-proclaimed fat girl.  I don't run marathons, have an amazing husband that left his major moolah making job working for Pixar to help with my business, or have a grassroots California background that made her the person she is today.


See, I'm more like you.  The city gal that has grown up overweight and effing tired of feeling defeated by dieting.  I have been fat longer than I can remember. Oh, and I hate exercising because it never shows the results that others seem to get and I hate to sweat (but I still do it when I do feel like it). And I won't even get started on dating. 

Here's the great thing though. You and I  don't have to be like Rachel Hollis to grasp her message in her book.  And we definitely don't need to be her to relate it to our lives or our weight loss journeys.

Here are three great reasons her book motivates women looking to move forward on their weight loss:

  • She keeps it real from beginning to end. 

Her stories are relatable, but she makes sure to remind you that everything about her life is not rainbows and gumdrops!  We need to remember that the honesty we take in helps us remain honest with ourselves too.  Rather than continuing to live in a world of fantasy and fiction, reading Hollis' book helps us remember that we are not alone on this crazy journey to achieve our dreams.          

  • Each chapter offers great tips that are applicable to all aspects of life. 

From the first chapter until the final one, her tips remind us of the actions we should take to ensure our own success.  It doesn't mean that each chapter is about weight loss, but haven't you learned by now that weight loss is about more than just the pounds?  Getting even one or two actionable steps to implement in our daily lives changes the impact and effectiveness of her book.                       

  • Rachel's discussion of events that created difficulties in her life are ones that many of us can relate to in various ways. 

But even if you can't relate to each instance, what is valuable is the determination, grit, and perseverance that each one of us needs to have.  When I speak to women about their weight loss journeys, often they discuss how difficult it is to remain persistent in a very emotional up-and-down struggle.  Food is everywhere, and us fat gals have to remember that the end results are totally worth the hard work we put in.  But Hollis' book reminds us that we don't have to live a life full of restrictions and struggles either.

If you're not big on reading self-help books because they tend to be too fluffy and woo-woo for you, this book is just up your alley.  Rachel Hollis doesn't hold back from sharing her perspective on a variety of topics.  She also doesn't sugar coat that results requires all of us to dig in and take action!  

While I started this book thinking I was nothing like the beautiful Rachel Hollis, I realized how much I have in common with her too. I also had to learn to work harder for what I want, be 100% me all of the time, and enjoy life every single day.  It was just one of the ways I found myself losing part of the 150lbs I have already taken off.  

Have you read her book?  If so, what did you think?  If not, pick it up and then let me know what you think.  Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.