4 Major Mistakes You’re Making Because of Your Anxiety!

There are several varieties of anxiety that exist, according to medical research and scientific studies.  Of course, these bring with them a plethora of symptoms and side effects that impact the lives of those living with anxiety. But, did you know that some of your own actions could be making your anxiety worse or creating havoc within your body? Below are the biggest mistakes that women with anxiety, like you, commit because of their anxiety.  These issues are also fully capable of being fixed if you want to do so.  At the end of this post, you’ll get more info on how to do so!

Mistake 1: Emotional Overeating

A common misconception is that emotional overeating only happens to those that are binge eaters. That’s an unfortunate mistake and lie though. There’s a wonderful article that really helped me learn more about this issue and become clear about the connection. I’ll give you the quick rundown of it though.

Emotional eating is a fast track for the avoidance of the anxiety problem. This mistake doesn’t always look like a binge session either. It can be when you turn to the ice cream because you’re sad. It can be when you’re tired of hearing your crazy aunt ask you for the millionth time about when you’re getting married or having kids.

Whatever the reason for turning to food for comfort, mistakes like this are leading your body to extra pounds and likely other health issues. Issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, increased blood sugars (think diabetes). And don’t forget about the mental impacts too: guilt, depression, and disappointment!

And while you may not have any of these issues yet, I know that there are others in your world that also suffer from anxiety and have them.  Are you just playing a game of Russian roulette with your health and life?

No one wants that shit. Especially you. Right? So let’s stop that behavior and move forward in life!

Mistake 2: Avoiding Going Out

Okay, so this mistake usually gets me a lot of gruff. Often, I hear from many women about how they are introverts and just don’t like going out.  But, here is where the introvert in all of us says that shit at some point. 

Guess what sister. I don’t like going out all the time either.  And I’m not asking you to love them.

Avoiding going out with friends, family, or even on a date is a huge problem though. I mean, is isolation really part of your #RelationshipGoals? I as hell hope it’s not. But, I also understand that it is the easiest mistaking behavior to turn to when feeling anxious.

The awkwardness and isolation are only making things worse for you though. In another awesome article I read, it’s explained that isolation and avoidance are both a cause for your anxiety and a symptom of it. Continuing to feed this horrible monster is a huge mistake!  It does not help you improve the situations at all. Plus, this mistake has definitely not been working for you so far!

And before you try to tell me that you use your isolation to sleep more or recharge, trust me when I say that all that sleep is probably not helping you. I mean, while it’s great to get eight hours, sleeping ten, twelve, or even fourteen is likely hurting your body and causing you to feel more exhausted.  Am I Right? So let’s quit the B.S. and get to the real issue at hand!

Working with a great coach can help you figure out how to tackle the problems that lay ahead of you without continuing to isolate and avoid. It may seem impossible now, but I know that changing mindset is a huge part of success in this area!

Mistake 3: Worrywart Syndrome

Here it goes. I’m going to say it and just lay all the cards on the table.

I hope you know that fact already.  But, us anxious gals are a little OCD about that shit.  And that level of worrying is a dangerous mistake.

Before you go and try to rationalize your worrying though, just know that the worrying is one of the LARGEST symptoms of anxiety.  It might have been the symptom that got you diagnosed in the first place. Whether you worry about what to do, where to go, who’s watching, who’s not watching, whatever! Worrying is occupying your mind and ruining the joy you could be experiencing instead.

Plus, worrywart syndrome means that the cycle just keeps washing, rinsing, and repeating itself again and again. Not a mistake I’d like to keep dealing with.

Aren’t you tired of that too, sister?

Instead of letting your concentration fail and a fogginess kick in, reclaim your mind and your joy!

Learning to properly manage your anxiety means you can not only improve your focus and clarity, but you can also improve your analytical skills and overall thinking!

Future Jeopardy champion? Maybe not. But hell, you’ll still be smarter than a fifth grader. 

Mistake 4: Self-Medicating for Panic Attack Management

Panic/Anxiety attacks suck.  Your heart races. You start to hyperventilate. Your body tenses and shakes.  

And your mistake of a solution: Alcohol? Tobacco? Prescription pills? Illegal drugs? Benadryl?  Food again?

Well, I know what I did. Whiskey was my best friend, and every weekend meant even more time with it. This mistake also meant I would chain smoke as I attempted to numb my fears of being out with others, my body image issues, and my panic at talking to gorgeous men. As my anxiety spun out of control, so did my drinking and smoking.  Yet, I continued to tell myself that it wasn’t a problem.

After years of drinking to handle the anxiety, I was left with a doctor telling me that my mistakes led to having a fatty liver.  I didn’t even know what that meant, but I knew that wasn’t good. Then, I lost several aunts to lung cancer. Buh-Bye cigarettes and cigars! Those moments helped me realize it was time to stop trying to numb my anxiety pain and deal with it head on!

I’m not going to judge how you self-medicate, but I’m going to be real with you.

Get your shit under control.png

And I don’t just say that because your mistakes are killing you from the inside out.  I say it because it isn’t the right way to handle your problems. Your family and friends need you around. Not in jail or dead. They need you and the greatness that is within you!

So here’s your chance sister.  Need more reasons why yarn crafting can help improve your health and mindset?  Check out my other post and see.

Ready to stop this shit once and for all?  

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