5 Ways to Distract Your Anxiety with Netflix’s – Seven Seconds Season 1

I know I preach a lot about yarn crafting to improve your anxiety.  Truth is that I can do it anywhere and anytime. It offers great results and joys that I have not replicated through anything else in my life.  But sometimes I need to give my hands and eyes a break from creating pieces for myself and others.  I just need to veg out.  Enter Netflix’s new series, Seven Seconds. This first season is a fantastic way to distract your anxiety when you don’t feel like crafting!

Below are five great reasons to watch this show and not feel guilty about it!


#5 – Distract your anxiety with Regina King #rolemodelgoals!

I’m not into spoiling shows, so don’t expect that here.  And this isn’t a spoiler but a crucial detail of the show.  King plays Latrice Butler, a mother whose son, Benton, died one day when riding his bike in a New Jersey park.  She doesn’t know why, but she fights to find the answers.

After getting custody of my nephew and becoming his mom, I understand this need to fight for your kids that I only grasped loosely as a high school English teacher.  With each episode, I found that I was hurting, fighting, angry, and worried right alongside King’s character.  Her story is not an easy one, but she captures that similar characterization that I truly loved when watching her in American Crime.

If you like shows that capture this emotional struggle during a difficult tragedy, trust me…this one is a great way to distract you!



#4 – Distract your anxiety with relevant, accurate, timely discussion of race, the American police, & the gray areas in-between!

This one may lose me a few readers, but it’s a statement I have to stand by as a woman of color.  Talking about race is difficult.  Portraying the blurred lines between right and wrong, racially motivated or not, and those in power vs. those in control is never easy.

This show begins with the very first episode setting a clear pace of the tackled difficulties.  Some done with ease.  Others may leave you angry or unsatisfied.  But that’s the reality of life in America.

As a woman with anxiety, you cannot continue to live a life full of fairytales.  It only creates moments of feeling inferior, incomplete, and unsatisfied. Instead, watching this show allows you to live and see life as it is felt by many around the United States and even the world.

An interesting way to distract yourself while being wrapped up in that cozy blanket!

#3 – Distract your anxiety with an intelligent show you don’t have to rewatch to understand.

One thing I love to watch and distract myself with is Christopher Nolan films.  InceptionMementoThe Prestige.  Yep.  I love them all.

But they require that you watch them several times to capture the things you missed.  Sometimes, if there is even the slightest distraction, you miss something and then feel lost.  Luckily, that is not the case for Seven Seconds.

The cinematography of this show links several stories together in a brilliant way to distract yourself. While the central story is about the death of a teenage boy, there are also questions about the relationships between the police and gangs. The effects of grief on relationships. The struggle for veterans upon returning from war. Even the difficult question about the truth of religion.

Some deep topics that allow you to think and question your own thoughts about the issues presented without becoming too visceral to handle.

#2 –  Distract your anxiety with Michael Mosley’s flawed, but perfect male lead!

I’m not usually one for clean cut men that have more sick dogs than I have fingers on one hand, but Mosley’s Detective “Fish” Rinaldi is fantastic.

He’s flawed in all the right ways.  He loves animals and has a soft spot for taking care of the ones that most would have put down by now.  Rinaldi wants to spend time with his daughter, even though he works all the time and can’t. And, Fish works hard but hates it.  Does it really get any more realistic than that?

When comparing Mosley to many of the other men portrayed in this series, it’s clear why he is perfect.  But is part of Mosley’s interactions with the characters of Nadine and ADA Harper that caught my attention and made me love him more.

Watching him reminds me to not search for perfection in others either, as it will often result in being let down.  Crazy to say, but how often do you try to do the same?  It’s a fatal flaw often attached to our anxiety too.  Learning to let those expectations go is crucial in changing your mindset and improving your outlook on life!


#1 – Distract your anxiety with Clare-Hope Ashitey’s breakout actress of the year role!

I don’t care what anyone says…she makes this show worth watching.  Her struggle with her own anxiety, as she takes on a case of massive proportions, is AMAZEBALLS!  Add to the mix that she struggles to manage her anxiety well and is a raging alcoholic doesn’t miss its mark with me either.  Honestly, I saw a lot of myself in watching her.

She’s a fighter that doesn’t give up, yet compared to Regina King’s character, Ashitey looks a hot mess that you can’t help but root for.  ADA Harper, Ashitey’s character, is one that knows she is in over her head, but she puts on her tough face and keeps fighting.  Is this not like every anxious girl’s flag bearer?! Plus, as you watch her relationship issues unfold with each new interaction, it’s clear that Ashitey’s life is one that any anxious girl can likely find a connection with.

I had never heard of Ashitey before watching this show, but as I viewed the final episode of the season my heart burst from joy and sadness with her character.  KJ Harper needed to win her case.  She needed to redeem herself.  We viewers, like her, needed the people to prove the justice system is not broken and the law is on our side.  Most of all, we needed the story to reflect our own feelings towards all of the people within the tale.  What was beautiful about the character of Ashitey is that she helps us see the beauty of multiple other characters in this tale that we might have otherwise overlooked.

So, have you watched this one before?  If so, share your thoughts below.  Not your cup of tea?  Share a show you do love below.