Want Weight Loss to Stick? It’s Time to Creatively Craft!

One of the first questions I get from women I talk to is about how I claim I lost 150lbs yarn crafting.  It’s not that they are not happy with my weight loss.  They just can’t believe that the solution is so simple.

Losing weight is not easy!

So, I know that you already know this simple fact.  Losing weight is hard.  Especially for women.  And even more so when talking about women with anxiety.  When you talk to many women, it’s a constant state of dieting and struggling.  Then, there are the dreaded conversations about counting calories or points, how much exercise have you done, and the millions of plans that exist to cut out that thing that is making you fat.


But that shit is all crazy and makes us anxious gals feel even more stressed and anxious.  Plus, we are struggling every day to just get over the emotional overeating and bingeing that we use to handle our anxiety.  That makes the struggle real and extremely damn frustrating.

Here’s My Weight Story…Simplified.

At my highest weight, I still could not admit to myself that I had a weight problem that was hurting my health.  This doesn’t mean that I was delusional about being fat.  I just couldn’t admit that it was hurting me in some way.

See, I’ve been struggling with my weight for most of my life.  Food helped me deal with the stress that was going on between school, work, and family life.  When things felt to be too much, I ate. If relationships failed and I second-guessed myself, I ate.

In order to adjust to my weight gain, I  learned to make people laugh, in order to avoid crying about my fears of being stared at or talked about.  I was always worried that people were watching me, judging me, and focused on everything I did.

But, do you know the reality?

It took me a while to learn this, but the reality is that no one else cared about my weight because they valued me as a person.  If a person was concerned about my weight, it was brought up because they didn’t want to lose me from their life.  This reality check helped me learn to value my own existence as much as others valued me.

Do you realize your own value as much as your weight?

It’s hard for many anxious gals to understand their value.  It’s not because they don’t know they are awesome.  They just can’t get out of the swirling darkness that continues to linger in their head and forces them to judge themselves and fear the unknown. That’s natural and there is nothing wrong with you.

Instead, you need to find ways to recognize the positives that exist in your life too. The weight on the scale is one thing, but it can constantly be in a state of flux as things like holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, work parties, and whatever else happens in your world.

Enter yarn crafting into the weight loss equation

So here’s the thing.  Yarn crafting for me includes knitting and crocheting.  I’m also learning how to do weaving, but I definitely am not an expert at it at all.  Regardless of what yarn craft one does, here’s how it equaled weight loss for me.

NO MORE EMOTIONAL OVEREATING.  When I’m feeling stressed or anxious, I pull out my craft bag.  This action alone changed my life dramatically. But it was more than that.

When I began crafting, the lack of emotional eating meant that my weight loss brought positive attention my way.  People noticed even just ten pounds gone.  And they really noticed the newly made shawl or scarf I made to avoid the overeating.  People were asking how I learned to do it.  Some wanted to know if I could make things for them.  This world changed my connections to others and suddenly I felt better about myself.

Do you struggle with confidence?  Self-esteem feeling a little low?

I had these issues too, but I definitely found so excited at how much people seemed envious of my new found crafting abilities.  This made me feel more than confident; I felt needed.  That’s a great place to be, right?

Do you wanna learn more about how learning a creative crafting measure like knitting or crochet can help you?  Curious what else helped me besides crafting?  Click the link below and learn about awesome ways to improve your life and cut that anxiety beast down for good.