Do these thoughts sound familiar?

  • “I can control most of my life, but I really want to control that negative voice in my own head.”

  • "I need to lose weight, and have before, but I just can’t seem to keep it off. Damn food cravings”

  • "I wish I had better relationships with my friends and family, but I’m just so busy."

  • "Dating? Ha! I only seem to attract the bums and scrubs of the world, so why waste my time?"

  • "I set goals. I have a Pinterest board full of stuff I dream of having one day…if I win the lottery."

  • "I know what I need to do to have what I want, but I can’t seem to get past this nagging feeling of anxiousness about it.”

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    Hey Sister! I’m here to help.


    My goal is to help overweight women stop suffering from their struggles with weight, quit the second guessing and procrastinating in all facets of their lives, and learn to enjoy social events from dating to nights out with friends.

    I know that these moments are stressful, chaotic, and downright painful at times. I also know that they can be improved, controlled, and even eliminated when doing it the right way.

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