Unlock the Loss:Lose Weight to Reach Your Goals & Dreams

A 6 Month Program to help you lose those extra pounds and reach the dreams you thought weren't possible...


I'm not a doctor or therapist, but I do know quite a few things about weight loss.  And as a former teacher, I also know a ton about teaching others. 

Stop thinking that you’re broken because previous diets and exercise haven’t helped you lose the weight you hate.  And it's not that I'm against diets or exercise.  I just know that these two tools don’t solve weight loss goals if you don't have other pieces in place first.  And I'm really going to blow your mind with this one:

You can't stop the Weight Gain, if you don't get your mind right!

I get you, because I was you!

 Me before learning to successfully lose weight the right way!

Me before learning to successfully lose weight the right way!

How do I know that the weight gain won't stop?  I have dealt with the ups and downs because of my weight since I was in my teens.  I also had the same things as you: the decent job, the new dream car, the designer Coach handbags, and the extra weight.

I never imagined that I would be at a point where I would be so severely overweight and unhappy, that I was constantly unsure that I could achieve any of my dreams.

I put on the smile every day, while I felt my world and my weight was constantly trying to suffocate me.  

There were  infinite tears shed, aches and pains all the time, and a mental fog I could not seem to escape.

And you feeling the same way I once felt means you likely don’t believe that there can be joy, clarity, and confidence for a healthier you.

But, I know that these thoughts don’t have to win. My personal struggles for over twenty years helped me discover a new way to improve my health, change my mindset, and create joy that I was missing in my life.

Then, I lost 150 lbs in less than two years!

Losing that weight helped me to realize the real change in the world I want to help make.  So, I created the “Unlock the Loss: Lose Weight to Reach Your Goals & Dreams” program specifically to help other women, frustrated by their weight, move through a custom created weight loss process that works, and it helps them come out on the positive side of life too.

And because of my journey, I know this about you too:

  • You know you are stronger than you give yourself credit for, even if you can't believe it yet. .

  • You know you'll survive these feelings and self-doubts, but you have to take action and get the support you need.

  • You know it’s time to move forward and stop repeating the same ineffective actions and hoping for better results, and I'm proud of you for wanting to transform your life by seeking the support you need.

Who you are right now:

You’re an amazing woman that truly has what others envy.  Your great job, supportive family, and caring friends know that you achieve anything you put your mind and effort into. You have the house, the car, and any other thing your hard-earned money can have.  

while all this seems awesome to most, what you want most is to stop hating that your weight makes you feel unhealthy, undesirable, & unsuccessful.

You can’t get out of your own head, and your failed attempts at losing weight really make you question if you can even do a program like this.

Frustrated Unhealthy Alone Sad.png
  • You have sees doctors in the past, and search the internet for ways to lose weight, but you feel you’re just not lucky enough for things to work for you, especially because you do all the right things but still feel just as fat.
  • You sit and chat with friends and family on social media outlets and wish you could go out and socialize the same way, but the anxiousness of finding an outfit that doesn't show every bump 
  • You’re doing everything you can to manage your life without breaking down but head home exhausted, because you know you’re falling apart and struggling to just handle daily tasks without constant worrying or feeling unhealthy.
  • You wear fashionable clothes but make sure to always have a jacket or sweater, because you worry that everyone notices and judges your appearance.
  • You smile all day long at work and offer to help others when they need it but head home each night and binge on junk food, because you feel lonely and think there is no way to fix you.

You want to not only kick the weight to the curb but also FEEL better & Achieve your DREAMS.

Besides the weight loss, your life is about to look like:

Free Healthy Happy Loved.png
  • Enjoying your free time at home, where you used to stuff your face with ice cream and chips while binge watching Netflix, because you discovered creative, meaningful activities to fill in the empty spaces of your life better.
  • Going out to public events (concerts, movies, dinners, parties, for example) with no anxiety about what outfit to put on or how you look, because you found and reestablished amazing relationships that make these cherished, exciting moments rather than cumbersome, fretful ones.
  • Stopping procrastination, and focusing on being and looking perfect, and making clear decisions (like buying that new sleeveless wrap dress you loved on the mannequin) that matter to your life, because you no longer rely on others to define your value and beauty.
  • Setting goals (like losing ten lbs or going out on a date with that guy who called) and CRUSHING them on a regular, because you renewed your confidence and found that living with an improved self-esteem spurs better action than dieting and exercising excessively.
  • Smiling meaningfully, laughing genuinely, and living with a positive outlook, because you feel worthy of the joy you experience every day due to lost weight, boosted confidence and self-esteem, and overall improved happiness!

Package Details

A 6-month coaching package that will help you replace those self-sabotaging behaviors, that hinder your weight loss, with positive ones that help you drop the pounds, reach your goals, and claim your happiness.

Say goodbye to isolated, unhappy, and constant Dieting and Exercising. Your new life is waiting!!!

“Unlock the Loss: Lose Weight to Reach Your Goals & Dreams”  is all about honest reflections on current mindsets and behaviors you experience as an overwhelmed gal looking to finally be free of the weight, burdens, and fears that hold you back from reaching your goals of weight loss and the dreams of getting that Prince (or Princess) Charming, feeling great in your own skin, and doing whatever the hell you want! 

It also is about being ready to be emotionally ready and open-minded to move moving forward.

What’s Included:

  • 1 90-minute intensive call, so you and I can lay the foundation and get all the shit on the table. In this call, we will determine previous actions, current dreams, and set real goals that will help you achieve the dreams you strive for in weight loss, confidence, and relationships.

  • 12 one-hour live 1:1 coaching calls (2 per month), so you don’t have to go through this alone anymore.  In these calls, we will dive deep into your mindset, behaviors, and goals and work on improving your life, health, and connectedness.

  • Unlimited access to me, via email and Voxer in between coaching calls, so you don’t have to wait for help on important issues.  We will discuss and monitor progress, address new questions or issues, and work on meeting goals and creating new ones when you bust through them.  

  • Workbooks, activity sheets, journal prompts, and action steps custom-made for you and your specific issues, so you don’t have to waste time doing work that is not relevant to your life.  In these resources, we will continue to build the life of happiness and good health you desire.


Right now, I'm running a special that you don't want to miss out on.  Instead of charging the full price of this package (normally, I charge $5000), I'm offering you a chance to grab this coaching package at a great deal! 

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1 payment of $2499


6 payments of $418 each!



  • Why should I invest in a life coach to help me with my weight loss?

Just as you might work with a therapist to quit smoking or a personal shopper to choose a wardrobe that fits your body type, working with a life coach can truly help you identify the issues and set reasonable, achievable action steps to reach the goals of your dreams.  Doctors and therapists help address the things that have happened in your past, but a life coach, while not a medical professional, helps you focus on the here and now.  Let's focus on what you currently are doing that is not working and then make the appropriate changes to facilitate your success.  

  • I’ve already worked with someone else and didn’t get the results I wanted.  What’s different about you?

Unlike some other coaches that may offer to help your weight loss by promoting great meditations, diet supplements, or even nutritional plans with exercise workouts just for you, they don't always think about the long game.  I am a firm believer in being honest.  You get what you put in. I’m honest to a point but still caring enough to help you figure it out. I’m not looking to just make you a notch in my salary and then move on. I want to make sure I help you improve your life and lose that damn weight! My own weight loss journey and personal background in education allow me to understand how to replace negative behaviors with positive, effective actions.  My biggest goal is to help women learn to get out of their weight coffins and live the beautiful life that is waiting for them! I think outside of the box and know that we can find something that makes you happy and ready to tackle the world successfully!

Still have questions? 

Feel free to contact meor use the button below to schedule an assessment call where we can determine whether I would be a great fit to help you reach your goals and dreams!