Welcome Sister!

Feel like you?

  • You’re frustrated and want help. 
  • Your weight keeps going up (and sometimes down). 
  • You feel stressed out over losing weight, and you want to improve your mental health too.
  • You're super busy with work, life, family, whatever and worry that you'll never have what you truly dream of.
  • You want to gain control of your spiraling life, but everyone keeps making you feel like you should be thankful for the "great" life you have.
  • You read the above and think "That's every woman's issue though, right?" 

But most of all, you just want to feel happy with your body and feel like the world is not working against your trying to be happy.  Right?

I want to show you how to have this life that you want though. That's what this site, my Facebook community, and my programs are all about.  

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So, what about me?

Well, if you don't know me at all, let me hit you with a few key details about my own journey.

  • I'm a life coach in love with all things focused on helping women feel better about themselves, elephant, and yarn craft.
  • At my worse, I lived thirty years as an obese (and mostly morbidly obese) woman that believed my best calling was to become an English teacher.  
  • At my best, I found grace in knowing that each day is a chance to start fresh and improve from the day before. This is what helped me pursue my dreams, lose 150 lbs, and find happiness that I thought was never possible. 

Why does any of this matter?  Because if I spent over 30 years thinking I was broken and found a way, what does that mean you can do? 


How did I do it?

 Over 100 lbs gone by my 2017 picture!

Over 100 lbs gone by my 2017 picture!

Of course, my weight did not just blow up overnight.  It came from years and years of poor eating, failed dieting, and attempting to comfort my emotions and lack of control in other areas.

While there were was a lot that contributed to my weight gain, there were even more that led to my weight loss success and shift to happiness. 

Some of the most important parts centered on learning how to change my behaviors and self-talk, not learning a new diet or exercising more.

Surprisingly, the best thing I did for my weight loss and my health was starting with simple writing and reflecting on my feelings and goals.  

If you're curious about this process and haven't already, grab it below!


While there is so much I want to share, know this. 

I have experienced each of those current feelings you are dealing with right now. I know that you cannot improve your physical health without addressing the mental side of it.  Otherwise, the weight will just creep back again and again. 

This is why my purpose and mission focus on helping women like you. I don't just focus on weight loss, because the truth is that it is so much more than talking about what you eat or what you do for exercise.  I want to help you learn to replace the negative behaviors that got you to the uncomfortable and frustrating; let's chat about how to reclaim your happiness and your health!  


So, What's Next?

Well, sister.  Here's your chance to take the next step. Let's start with an absolutely FREE assessment call where we can problem solve an issue you feel is stopping you from losing the weight.  Share a little about your struggles, and I will offer some insight into ways you can handle that issue and more.  Nothing scammy.  Nothing sleazy.  Just two gals trying to figure out how to live better lives.  What do you say?